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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Member Spotlight: Matt and Frank!

Our next member spotlight goes to Matt Carroll and Frank Kovacs! The two of them have been involved in SDC General Body, Buggy Committee, and are the Hamerschlag/Scobell House Council lead RAs. They have made excellent efforts this year to…

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Member Spotlight: Archana Ajith!

Our next member spotlight is Archana Ajith!! She’s joined this year as part of our Housing and Student Life Committee. Though she just joined this year she has been working hard bringing back 6@6, and we just wanted to acknowledge…

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Member Spotlight: Mira Shukla!

Mira Shukla! Mira is our Secretary/Treasurer, and has also been involved in our Buggy, Events, and Publicity committees. Mira puts in countless hours for SDC that almost no one sees, some of the most in the org. Yet without her…

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