The Student Dormitory Council is led by our Executive Board and supported by the Executive Committee, which is made up of the students who lead SDC’s six committees.


David Domalik

David is a sophomore majoring in Information Systems with a minor in Photography. He joined SDC as the Stever House Council representative in the fall of his freshman year and grew closer to the organization when he joined the SDC Booth team that same year. In addition to photography, David enjoys running, listening to music, traveling, and experimenting with new technology. His favorite part of SDC is how welcoming the organization is of all students and seeing how broad an impact students in the club can make on the greater campus community.


Andrew Chuang

Hello! My name is Andrew Chuang and I will be serving SDC as its Vice President this year. I am currently a sophomore majoring in Statistics and Machine Learning and minoring in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I originally joined Student Dormitory Council freshman year since I couldn’t make it to my own house council meetings and found a multitude of opportunities for me to be involved on campus, serving SDC as its Dining Chair last year. I cannot wait for you all to get involved in SDC and please let me know if you have any lingering questions!


Prisha Singh

Prisha is a junior majoring in Economics and Mathematics. She joined SDC in her freshman spring semester when she was hired as Treasurer. Her favorite part of SDC is the unity she feels at the General Body Meetings. Prisha loves traveling, rooftopping, reading, and watching movies.



Lila is a sophomore majoring in Chemical Engineering. She joined the SDC buggy committee her freshman fall and became the Events Chairman soon after. Lila enjoys eating sweets and being around animals. Her favorite part of SDC are the people, who welcomed her from day one and offer generous support and friendship every day.



Hi! My name is Kumail Lassi and I am the Staff Advisor to SDC. In my role, I provide guidance to the Executive Board and Chairs of SDC to help them accomplish their goals. I also serve as a liaison between SDC and the CMU.  Working with the leaders of this organization is really fulfilling because we influence many parts of campus and do our best to advocate for the needs of the students who live on-campus.