You may be asking yourself right now, “How can I become a member of SDC?”. Well, my friend, you’ve come to the right place. Do you live in on-campus housing? If so, then you’re already a general member of SDC!


That’s right. Any student living in on-campus housing is assigned an SDC activity fee, which is collected with each student’s housing payment. And any student who pays the SDC activity fee is a member of SDC.

But wait, what if I don’t live on campus?

Not living in on-campus housing? Not a problem! You can still become an SDC general member, simply by paying the SDC activity fee.



Wait a minute, what’s this SDC activity fee? How much does it cost? Where does that money go?

All students living in on-campus housing pay a $15 dorm fee, which is allocated to SDC. In turn, we give a portion of this funding to houses for their own budget, and keep the remainder to fund events for residents in campus housing that are organized by both SDC and by residents.

Residents who wish to bring an event or program to their communities can either motion for funding directly from SDC or coordinate with their Resident Assistant (RAs) to use the house budget provided by SDC. In this way, we make it easier for dormitory residents and staff to bring programs and events to the campus community.

For more information about your house budget and how to utilize it, go to…



Want to be more than just a general member? You can also become a voting member!

Woah. What’s a voting member?

Voting members are responsible for serving the general welfare and representing the ideas and concerns of the overall Carnegie Mellon dorm community, with an emphasis on the ideas and concerns of their respective dorm

Besides being involved in their committees, voting members are entitled to vote at General Body meetings on things such as budget changes, funding motions, ExComm officials, changes to the Constitution, and much more. They are also able to run for President or Vice President during elections*.

Wow, how can I become a voting member?

To become a voting member, you simply have to attend two General Body meetings and two committee meetings (of at least one committee) within a two week period. (That’s just one GenBod meeting and one committee meeting each week!)



SDC General Body meetings and Committee meetings are open to all members of the campus residential community. General Body meetings take place every Wednesday at 8:00pm. (Location will be announced soon after the start of the semester).

Committee meetings are also a great place to discover the impact SDC has on our campus. To learn more about the different committees and their meeting times, check out the Committees Page.


*Voting members can only run for President/Vice President providing that have served as a voting member for at least 16 consecutive weeks prior to elections, and will also be living in on-campus housing during their time in office. More details can be found in the SDC Constitution.

Almost Midnight Breakfast

Almost Midnight Breakfast is one of SDC’s most popular events, and one of CMU’s most fun and delicious traditions. Every Fall semester, during finals week, SDC hosts AMB which is a 3 hour buffet event featuring your favorite faculty and staff, free breakfast foods, music, and much more! It is usually held the Tuesday during finals week, from 9pm to midnight in Rangos.

It’s a wonderful time to relax from the stresses of finals week, and to meet and interact with wonderful CMU faculty and staff, sometimes including the CMU President himself!

Check out some images from last year’s Almost Midnight Breakfast!

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