The student Dormitory council has seven committees and they’re all pretty great. They are Booth, Buggy, Dining, Events, Funding, Housing and Student Life, and Publicity. The chairs of all committees meet with ExBoard once a week, Thursdays at 4:30 PM in CUC 329. These meetings are open to the public.


Meeting Times
Saturdays, 4:30 pm, Porter 125B
Chairs: Richard Ruales and Jackie Chou

Booth, one of the oldest and most distinct traditions at Carnegie Mellon, brings together teams of students to design and construct individual carnival booths. It is the mission of SDC to give students the chance to follow their curiosities and nurture their interests through this great CMU tradition. Joining the team, you will explore the depths of industrial design, game production, lighting design, sculpture, or any other form of creation that you chose to add. After eight months, during which we will move from designing to prototyping and finally to building, we will debut our one story booth during Spring Carnival, which takes place in mid-April. We’re excited to have the addition of your ideas, enthusiasm, and skills to the team! To join, email rzr@andrew.cmu.edu or jwchou@andrew.cmu.edu.


Contact the chair for meeting locations and times to join!
Chair: Noah Thompson

SDC Buggy builds and races buggies in the CMU Sweepstakes competition each year. Our team consists of dedicated mechanics, drivers, and pushers, all of whom work tirelessly to ensure a strong performance during Raceday. Come join our record-breaking team and take part in one of Carnegie Mellon’s most amazing traditions!  For more details and to join, email join@sdcbuggy.org


Meeting Times TBD
Chair: Position Open

The dining committee is comprised of an amazing group of students that help improve our campus dining experiences. We get to work with university staff to provide input and change the way we eat. We also get to manage the Facebook group, To Dining With Love. Help us help you create a better, more student-focused dining experience all while making new friends meeting the awesome people of SDC.  To join, email mbrownin@andrew.cmu.edu or jtc1@andrew.cmu.edu.


Meeting Times TBD
Chair: Patricia Yu

The events committee organizes free and fun stuff for dorm students! These include Breakfast of Champions, Movie premieres, Almost Midnight Breakfast, and more! We’re a fun group of people, come stop by our committee meetings. We’ll have some treats.  To join, email patriciy@andrew.cmu.edu.


Meeting Time: Wednesday 5-6PM in The Underground
Chair: Ashwath Vijayakumar

The Funding Committee helps to fund events thought up by dorms, fellow students, and student-run organizations. See something awesome happening like free pancakes or the annual food truck block party? The Funding Committee probably had a hand in making it happen. To join, email akvijaya@andrew.cmu.edu.


Meeting Times TBD
Chair: Ethan Rich

Do you want to be involved in new and upcoming dorm upgrades? Do you want to improve the campus residential experience? If so, the Housing & Student Life committee is for you! We meet monthly with Housing Services director Tom Cooley to discuss new dorm upgrades and purchase new items for residents. We also work with the Student Life Office, planning for dorm students to meet and mingle. To join, email etrich@andrew.cmu.edu.


Meeting Times TBD
Chair: Chris Reyes

The Publicity committee has a responsibility to create things that “make sense and look good.” We manage everything that has SDC’s name on it, including posters, spirit-wear, and all giveaway items. We also manage the SDC facebook page as well as this website! To join, email creyes1@andrew.cmu.edu.