Current Leadership

The Student Dormitory Council is led by our Executive Board
alexSiqi “Alex” Yang, president
Alex is a Junior Statistics and Economics major currently living in The Highlands. He previously served as SDC’s Vice President in the 2015-16 school year. He was also an active member of the Buggy, Funding, and Housing & Student Life committees since 2014. Alex flew a plane before driving a car. He also two cats and a dog… even though he’s slightly allergic to both.


Tanvi Joshi, vice president
Tanvi is a Junior Chemical Engineering major currently living in Fairfax. She previously served as SDC’s Dining chair in the 2015-16 school year, and was an active member of the Events and Funding committees. Tanvi loves pasta and turn up music.

miraMira Shukla, secretary/treasurer
Mira is a Junior Math major currently serving as an RA in Stever House. She previously served as SDC’s Sec/Treas and the Buggy committee in the 2015-16 school year. In 2014-15, she was an active member of the Events, Publicity, Booth, and Funding committees. Mira is actually an amazing singer, but only when alone or in the shower. Her pet peeve: Emotions, they get in the way of everything..

danDaniel Francis, student advisor
Dan is a senior Mechanical Engineering major currently serving as an RA in Donner House. He previously served as SDC’s President in 2015-16, Funding chair in 2014-15, and has been active in the Buggy committee since 2013 and the Booth committee in 2015. He’s passionate about Wisconsin and generally has difficulty standing still without dancing.


Bryan Koval, staff advisor
Bryan currently serves as the Housefellow for the Resnik and West Wing communities. He has been SDC’s faculty advisor since 2013. He has a very fluffy dog and he somehow tolerates all of us.


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