The Student Dormitory Council acts as a vital connection to organizations on campus who are dedicated to improving student life on CMU’s campus. We work hard to make sure your voice is heard during important campus descisions

Housing Services Advisory Committee (HSAC): In an effort to create a community where students feel engaged and connected to all aspects of campus, this committee will discuss housing experiences and policies.

  • Led by Tom Cooley (
  • Joined by
    • Housing and Student Life Committee (
    • Various other campus students, faculty, and personnel

Dining Services Advisory Committee (DSAC): This committee will focus on listening and implementing the suggestions of students and faculty in dining and dining services. 

  • Led by Pascal Petter (
  • Joined by
    • Dining Committee (
    • Various other campus students, faculty, and personnel

Activities Board (AB): The Activities Board of Carnegie Mellon University coordinates a wide variety of events to entertain, educate, and enrich the lives of the campus community. The events represent a variety of topics and genres, and all of the committees work together to present a broad range of events to meet the needs of the campus community.

Senate: Senate is composed of student-elected representatives that represent the unique and diverse culture of Carnegie Mellon. Elected representatives from each Carnegie Mellon college meet on a weekly basis to discuss rising issues on our campus.